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HD Security Chains

Product Information

Specifically manufactured “Security Chain” that meets the following specifications, is extremely resistant to attack and is a deterrent to thieves who use boltcroppers, hacksaws, powered cutting tools, etc, including freezing.

With this high specification chain, a thief cannot cut one side of the link and then bend it open, the link must be cut on both sides, which slows down any attempted theft.

Chain Strength / Specification

 There are 2 tests for chains.

1)Tensile Strength: This test is applied to a chain to establish the point where the chain will pull apart.

2) Shear Strength: This test determines the load that has to be applied in order for the chain to be sheared / cut.

A high quality security chain relies on the “Core Hardness” for its strength; the chemical content of the steel determines this.

To obtain good core hardness, the correct amount of “Boron” is used in the manufacturing process of the chain, that results in the highest possible specification.

Test results from stringent manufacturing methods have shown that the following Vickers Pyramid ratings are the highest for security chain. All Quadlink, Superlink,and Longlink chains meet the following specifications.


Boron Alloy Steel “Through Case Hardened”
Case Hardened: Vickers Pyramid Scale 750-885
Core Hardness: 450Zinc Plated: 12 microns
Case Hardened: Minimum 1mm
Heat treated links right through

Remember there is a difference between Security chain, and Lifting chain, there is no substitute for securing your valuable plant, and machinery, with anything other than the highest specification chains, and locks.

For customers with special requirements, we can supply any length of Superlink, and Quadlink chain up to 10 metres. These can be supplied to you covered with either a thick plastic sleeve, or a very flexible fabric cover. All of these chains have plain ends.

Please see our product guide for the full range of Quadlink, Superlink, and Longlink chains, together with information on our “Extra Heavy Duty” padlocks, and easy to order guide for the ZLC 13mm chain fitted with single/double reeving eye.

In addition to the above, we can also supply chains fitted with either single, or double reeving eyes. This enables you to easily pass one end of the chain through the eye (S) and secure back to the padlock / anchor point.

Ordering Details and Specifications.

When ordering please note the following requirements :-

e.g. ZLC13/120S =
(Computer No) ZLC - Category for all chain with reeving eyes.
13 - Link Material Diameter - 13mm.
120 - Overall Length - 1.20 metres.
S - Single Reeving Eye.

Please quote the generic code (ZLC) 13mm diameter, the Overall Length of the chain required (120, 150 etc.) and the attachments required (S for single eye, D for double eyes.

Standard Stock Items

Single Reeving Eye
L0307  13/120S - 13mm *  1.2 metres - single ended
L0308  13/150S - 13mm * 1.5 metres - single ended
L0310  13/200S - 13mm * 2.0 metres - single ended
L0312  13/300S - 13mm * 3.0 metres - single ended

Double Reeving Eye
L0301  13/120D - 13mm * 1.2 metres - double ended
L0302  13/150D - 13mm * 1.5 metres - double ended
L0303  13/200D - 13mm * 2.0 metres - double ended
L0304  13/300D - 13mm * 3.0 metres - double ended

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